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Michael J. Fitness

I’m Michael John Martiradonna.
I’m here educate you on how to sustainably build your best physique faster than anyone else out there.


Meet the Crew

Here are some of the experiences my client's have had.

Maribel Weisz

“Mike is conscientious, knowledgeable, patient and kind. During our time together, I wanted to learn the proper form for each exercise. Mike took the time to explain how to prevent injury and get the maximum benefit from each exercise. Mike never lost patience with me and supported me during moments of frustration, when my body would not do what I wanted it to do or when I was not grasping the lessons.

I thought there were times when Mike asked, “the impossible” of me. But, I was wrong! Mike knew what I was capable of, more than I. He gets to know you, your body and its capability. If he had not challenged me the way he did, I would have not made the progress I did, in so short a time.

Being tricked to do what I thought was impossible, gave me a sense of accomplishment afterwards. I am now confident that I can go to any gym and work with weights and machines performing the sets correctly and safely.”

Megan Vladic

“I never really thought I needed a trainer because I have been an athlete my whole life. I had tried a training program from a close friend I was following along with, and was doing workouts I found online. I tried heavier weights with more cardio. I tried no cardio and weights only. I just wasn’t seeing the results I really needed. I needed to lose 15 pounds, 5% body fat, and the problem area around my stomach.

With Mike’s help we completed those goals in six weeks. Be ready to work hard and push yourself harder than you thought you could, he won’t make you do anything you’re not physically capable of doing. Drink the kool-aid, believe in the process, believe in yourself and you will reach your goals. Plain and simple.

My goals were a bit of a stretch, but we did it. It was fun to workout with Mike, we never did the same workout twice. The workouts were always fun and different. Find better jokes to tell though!”

Kay Christ

“​Mike is an extraordinary trainer — focused on your specific needs, a stickler on form (which is so very important and lacking in trainers you see in gyms all over) and fun to work with. He helped me overcome a hip injury/misalignment and started my journey back to being stronger. I worked with Mike at his former place of employment and I will be returning to him when my series at his old gym is used up. And…I am 66, which shows that Mike is great for people of all ages and fitness levels. Don’t put it off. As Mike would say, dive in!”

Neema Jha

“Before training with Mike I struggled with consistency, accountability, and motivation. I tried dieting and exercising on my own, but struggled to stay consistent. I just wanted to get healthier and fit. Mike helped me stay on track, monitoring my diet, exercise and other activities. He provided various innovative ideas to keep momentum when I would hit a roadblock.

I have lost 30 pounds. I feel motivated to continue to stay fit and healthy. My advice – don’t be afraid to ask questions, and follow the plan to the best of your ability. I would have never lost 30 pounds without Mike, I feel ready and informed based on our conversations. He knows what needs to be done not just for training but for nutrition and recovery. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Diane Mundo

“I was hesitant to start training, having troubling arthritis and bone on bone issues in my knee. I had tried to work with another trainer who simply could not address my limitations.

Mike comfortably modified exercises to accommodate me. After a short time, I toned many areas of my body and increased my endurance. Mike pushes/encourages you to do more than you think you can. He also provided an overall fitness and nutrition program. You will be challenged in each workout and make the most of your time. Also your personality makes the workout “fun”. Thanks for challenging me to do more.”

Megan Zuhl

“​At first I was worried that I didn’t have the time or the money for training. I had tried group fitness classes, fitness videos, and going to the gym with friends. I wanted to be stronger, faster, and lose weight.

After working with Mike my body is stronger and more toned, I am more confident, I can do push-ups (which i have never been able to do in my life), I lost 15 lbs, I have become a faster runner with his training plan, and I run with less pain because of his help with injury prevention.

Mike is the best! He is very knowledgeable in many different areas of fitness which was really helpful and kept things interesting. Also, He is a super fun guy. He is just great. I have trained with others, and i really felt like Mike more than anyone cared about my progress. He is really passionate about what he does and will set you up with a lifetime of knowledge so you can continue a healthy lifestyle.
I would just like to thank you! I have learned so much and accomplished so many new goals since we started training together a little over a year ago. My body is much stronger and healthier because of your help!”

Eric Johnson

“​I trained with Mike for almost 3 years. I wrestled in high school, placing second in the state wrestling tournament, and with Mike’s help was also able to set records in both the quarter mile and mile events. With Mike’s training, I gained 30lbs of muscle in one summer to help me acquire the strength and size I needed to earn a scholarship for rugby at Colorado University. I still enjoy training with Mike when home in Chicago.”

Michael Pacas

“I was persuaded to purchase some weekly sessions with a personal trainer. I reluctantly signed up… imagining that it was just another method of parting a “fool from his money.” But I was completely wrong, and it was the best investment I made in my health. In fact, I increased my sessions to twice a week, and then purchased more!

I really cannot recommend Mike Martiradonna highly enough. He understands the mechanics of the body, nutrition, and human psychology. He’s was able to encourage and advise me when I felt pretty hopeless about my initial level of strength and endurance. Mike pushes me beyond where I would normally take myself, without over-training me. Communication is clear and open with him, and he is available via text and email; he sent me some very helpful fitness links and articles.

Under his guidance, I am now in the best shape I’ve been in decades….I’m 57. I’ve lost around 30 pounds, my muscle mass has increased, and my body fat percentage has dropped. I now have the body that I thought I had lost forever… and I’m finally starting to see signs of a six pack for the first time in my life! The drawbacks… my pants have become too big… and, unfortunately, I have to discontinue training… due to the fact that I will be relocating to California at the end of the month. It will be difficult to find another trainer as good as Mike.”

Matt Dela Cruz

“Before training with Mike I felt self conscious at the gym, didn’t know proper form, and didn’t know how to push myself to my limits. We did creative workouts that changed things up while still being intense / challenging. Additionally, Mike was very knowledgeable with working around my injuries and always played it safe while still maintaining some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had.

I dropped weight and gained muscle. With Mike’s help, I lost 50 lbs, am able to deadlift over 300lbs, and squat over 200lbs. I’m running over 3 miles again. Mike gave concise tips and feedback while training so that I was able to train efficiently.

Mike is intelligent and well informed about the human body. We emphasized balancing training with recovery, which is super important for sustaining activity in the long run. I really appreciated his knowledge on form, recovery, and mobility – that stuff is definitely overlooked. Mike is an awesome dude and it was enjoyable / satisfying to train with him. Mike, you’re awesome, keep on keeping on.”

Lindsey Theiss

“​I learned to face my pride and fears when I trained with Mike. I was very athletic when I was younger, slowly getting in worse shape. I always thought, “I know how to work out, I don’t need help” but never really understood how to train or what I was missing. I was also afraid of failing. Mike made me realize that the gym didn’t need to be a scary place. He also made me realize that it was a lifestyle change, and not a short term solution. He works so hard and cares so much about his clients. I felt that I had a teammate and that motivated me in so many ways, all I needed was to be willing to do the work. 

I lost weight, my range of motion has improved significantly, my posture has improved – verified by my chiropractor! I learned about nutrition. Ran my personal best half-marathon time. I can now go into the gym with confidence and know that I can have a great workout and feel good about myself. ​Mike is SO smart and will sculpt your workout to you body type and your needs. He understands how the body works down to a science and he can help you achieve your goals. Plus he has (almost always) great jokes and a good taste in music. Sometimes he will even rap Eminem for you!​

 If you’re thinking about training with him PLEASE DO IT!!! My experience with Mike truly changed my life. I gained a life-long friend and I also gained my actual life back. I have never felt better. If I didn’t find Mike I would still be in my depressed, inactive head-space. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer or person in my life. Mike you’re the best and I love ya!”

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"I help busy guys achieve a physique they can be proud of in 90 days."

         I spent my time as a special warfare fitness instructor for the United States Navy, and have trained in several gyms and studios across Chicago. Equipping you with the best health and fitness possible is what I seek to do. 

Join my team and discover your best physique and greatest health ever.